Xbox 360 Faults

The Xbox 360 is the newest gaming console developed by Microsoft. It rivals the new Playstation 3 console, but the Xbox 360 is said to have many more faults than the PS3. Take a look around this website to make up your own mind. Learn about the Xbox 360 before you buy it.

Types of Xbox 360 Faults

There are many types of Xbox 360 faults, most of which are displayed in the Xbox 360's Ring of Light. You can learn about each of them in our Faults Section.

Xbox Faults Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about Xbox Faults, such as "I'm about to buy an Xbox 360. What do I have to be careful of?" and "Who can I contact about my Xbox 360 fault?" as well as about the warranty that comes with their Xbox 360 console.

You can read our frequently asked questions here.

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